Why does Guldvågen exist?
It’s really quite simple. The communication industry is not equal, and it’s a shame. The purpose of Guldvågen is to shape up the industry and to show talents and clients which agency that’s really good all the way. Hopefully Guldvågen will get the agencies to care, and the talents and clients to choose the right agency.

Guldvågen award agencies that are not only good at communication, but is also a good workplace that takes care of talent and give people the right salary and opportunity to develop – regardless of gender. The goal is to make the industry as modern as we claim it to be, and that everyone in the industry feels that it is possible to climb to the top. Today, it does not like that at all.

What’s the prize?
A trophy is produced by Elin Lindström from Beckmans College of Design, and will be given out at a gala in the end of 2015. The price will be a heavy competitive advantage in talent and client recruitment, and will be an important indicator that the agency leads the industry forward. The winning agency is also given more gender training with Add Gender, to develop even further.

Who are the founders? 
Guldvågen is founded by Ellinor Ekström, art director, and Sophie Lokko, copywriter. After five years in the business, they have gotten tired of the slow development towards equality and decided to create an award that can help the industry to move forward. Their goal is to work in a equal industry when they turn thirty. There is seven years remaining until then. 

When is the gala?
The gala will take place in the end of 2015, probably in November. More information will be given during time. Do you or your company want to book tickets right now, in case they will be sold out? Contact us at
hej@guldvagenpriset.se, and we’ll fix that for you.

Why do you focus only on gender equality?
We hope and believe that the initiative will spread. At the same time, the agencies need to actively work for a better diversity. Guldvågen has therefore the aim to later include all grounds for discrimination, and are happy to receive help in order to reach this goal as quickly as possible. We are aware that not everyone can fit in terms woman and man, and hopes to broaden competition in the future. Guldvågen analysis and input is of course intersectional and normative critical.

But isn’t it quite equal already?
No, we’re not even close. Do you want to have concrete facts on how the industry is when it comes to gender equality, you will find a report here developed by Resumé and Add Gender.

How does the contest work?

To find a winner, a survey will be sent out in autumn to advertising agencies management and employees. The study will be reviewed by a jury consisting of gender experts and industry experts. The result goes out to all communication schools and the clients industry associations.

How is Guldvågen financed?
Right now the founders are paying out of their own pocket. The people who are working with Guldvågen gets no salary for the work they put down, and pay everything that’s needed with their saved money. Guldvågen is now looking for sponsors who want to support the cause and help it to develop forward. Do you want to sponsor Guldvågen? We have sponsor packages for both large and small companies. Contact us at hej@guldvagenpriset.se

I want to help! How?
Do you or your company want to sponsor Guldvågen, contribute with expertise, nominate a jury member och do you have any questions? Fun! Contact us at hej@guldvagenpriset.se and we will respond shortly!


Arbetet med Guldvågen pågår löpande. Vill du bidra eller mest säga hej når du oss via hej@guldvagenpriset.se!

Pressbild finns att ladda ner här. Fotograf: Christian Gustavsson.